Ecosystems as Infrastructure

Whole system strategies are required to address today’s complex threats to water. An unprecedented convergence of limited supplies, growing demand, increasing pollution, inadequate infrastructure, and constrained finances cannot be addressed with technologies based on the conventional engineering and economic context. Integrated, systems thinking that combines ecological science, environmental engineering, and information technology is essential to secure our survival and that of other living beings.

The Living Technology Institute (LTI) advances innovative, ecological technologies based on this novel, whole system approach to water. Restoring abundant natural systems and designing a lasting water infrastructure can only be done with technology that restores and reinforces the role of water as the essential common substance uniting and supporting natural and human ecosystems.

Living technologies adapt ecosystem processes (“eco-mimicry”) and augment natural functions through the power of 21st Century ecological science and engineering. The result is cost-effective, practical water infrastructure for sustainable communities, economies, and environments. This infrastructure is built on technologies that address the interconnection among water, food, energy, climate, and health.

LTI is designed to complement and collaborate with other organizations that share a holistic view of water and work toward integrating natural and human ecosystems. We invite your comments about and involvement in our work.